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1 Year Warranty for 1 Device

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Affordable, Money Saving & Ensuring! Insurance coverage is available up to 14 days from the time you receive your device.  If you would like to insure a device that has not been purchased from TechGuruMO or is beyond the 14 days, we can make it happen, keep reading.  The insurance covers ALL accidents that happen to your device within 1 year; excluding water damage. 

What is included in this insurance package?
*1 year warranty on your device from the time of delivery from us
*And and ALL accidental damage to the iPad; excluding water damage
*We will repair the ipad, free of any charge, to include but not limited to: Screen, LCD, Side Buttons, Power Button, or any other malfunction that occurs after the ipad has been accidentally damaged.
*Will not include any damage that is caused by water damage.  There are water indicators on the inside of our devices, that indicate if there has been any moisture soaked within the unit. 
*Customer pay all shipping costs associated with iPad repair.  This typically runs the fee of 6.00 to ship the device.

*If it isn’t repairable then we will replace it


If for any reason the device is returned to you and you still experience problems associated with the repair, we cover ALL shipping costs associated with correcting the issue.  

If you are interested, please pay for the insurance coverage then email  techgurumo@yahoo.com.  In the subject line please put WARRANTY DEPARTMENT.  Our warranty department will be in touch with you per your preferred communication preference(phone or e-mail).  The warranty department will need to go over serial numbers that are associated with your device to prepare and send you a copy of the warranty documents.  We keep all warranty information electronically in our system.  If you misplace your warranty papers, we can look up the warranty information by the name the warranty is under. 


Interested in Adding Coverage to a device you already own, extending a warranty you have with us, purchasing warranty on more than 2 devices or needing to mix and match warranties and warranty time length?  We are more than happy to assist you!  Please email our warranty department at techgurumo@yahoo.com in the subject line put WARRANTY DEPARTMENT.  Our warranty department will be in contact with you per your preferred communication preference via phone or email within 1 business day.